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8 Examples of excellent E-A-T content on eCommerce websites

Laura Brady from NovosLaura Brady in SEO

26th April, 2022

8 Examples of excellent E-A-T content on eCommerce websites

Do you ever have clients, or internal teams asking for examples of ‘E-A-T’ in practice? 

I know it can be difficult to find the exact ones you’re looking for, particularly on an eCommerce site.

So, I’ve linked some of my favourite examples from popular eCom brands below.


1. Specsavers’ product pages are too good.

They actively help users visualise what different lenses would be like through imagery. This is so good for user experience too as you can get an idea of if these glasses are any good for you without trying them on.

2. Teapigs taste profiles

Buying tea online is made easy by Teapigs’ ‘how does it taste’ and ‘good if you’re feeling’ sections. It’s a fun example of expertise and authority, whilst also already positioning the product in a user’s life.

3. Totême’s transparency with manufacturing 

Totême has added the ‘country of origin’ and ‘main supplier’ of each garment to every product page. Excellent transparency and a strong trustworthiness signal to Google.

4. Patch Plants indoor plants product pages

Ughh they are E-A-T central. Where do I start? 

Particular highlights are:

  • The top tips section 
  • The interactive video 
  • The ‘plant name likes’ section
  • The image carousel shows what the plant looks like in each pot.


5. The Sole Supplier’s author bio’s ?

These are a gr-E-A-T example of authoritativeness and trustworthiness and follow Google’s guidelines of:

  • An image of the author
  • An in-depth bio
  • Links to their other articles 
  • Their role within the company

6.’s user-generated content ?️

It’s hard to relate to the perfect, stock images that brands use to sell products. 

We’d all love our homes to look like Pinterest worthy show homes. However, let’s face it, with working from home and chaotic lives it’s just not realistic.

But, when you see it in other people’s homes, it becomes easier to see it in yours. UGC combined with product reviews = a trustworthiness match made in heaven.

7. Dyson’s troubleshooting zone. 

This one is an E-A-T triple threat. No explanation needed, take a look for yourself: 

8. Hoka’s running shoe specs. 

The stability and cushioning sections are not only an awesome example of expertise but are a fantastic addition to user experience. Particularly for seasoned runners who know what they’re looking for.

Laura Brady from Novos
Article by Laura Brady
Laura is Head of Client Services here NOVOS and is phenomenal with clients! She has led eCom SEO strategies and consults on best practices for boosting organic growth and revenue. Laura previously worked at one of the top SEO agencies in the country (alongside our head of SEO, Dan) and was shortlisted for Young Search Professional of the Year at the UK search awards. She is also a member of the Women in Tech SEO community and has been featured as a guest speaker on the WTS podcast.

8 Examples of excellent E-A-T content on eCommerce websites

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